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tv   Eyewitness News at 12PM  CBS  July 25, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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>> this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". now at noon, a make or break day for senate republicans on healthcare. that long awaited vote is expected to happen any, senator john mccain expected to join his colleagues for that vote. good afternoon, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm row hal solomon, first time back since his cancer diagnosis. on twitter president trump thanks dollars the send or for coming back to vote although it remains he will vote on his party's legislation. >> on capitol hill where there is still uncertainty whether the bill has enough votes to pass.
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>> reporter: senate republican lead verse kept details of the repeal and replace baum. >> brought together to vote on a bill, that has not been made public, or printed for us to review. >> republicans on both ends of the spectrum have competing concerns. conservatives want to repeal without a replacement. >> i think to get conservatives on board, do what we promised which would be clean repeal of obamacare. >> just three no votes from republicans will kill the bill susan collins every maine is expected to be one of those two, other moderates, lisa and shelly, are concerned about deep cuts to medicaid. >> we look forward to having at least 50 votes in the senate, and the vice president will be there, obviously tomorrow, in order to break a tie if there is a tie. >> vice president pence is personally pitching senators here on the hill, while president trump is publicly shaming fellow republicans, into voting yes. any senator who vote against starting debates is telling america that you are fine with
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the obamacare nightmare, which is what it is. >> this morning, the president tweeted: big day for healthcare. after seven years of talking, we will soon see whether or not republicans are willing to step up to the plate. senator john mccain, made the trip back to capitol hill from arizona, where he's been battling brain cancer in order to cast his vote. cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> also, president trump's son-in-law and senior advisor, jared kushner, will face more questions about russia today. this time, from a house panel. couch any met with senators behind closed doors yesterday as part of a investigation, and to russian meddling in the 2016 election. he denies any clues with the russian government. kushner did say he had four meetings with with russians last year, but insists he discussed nothing improper. >> now to a developing story, the philadelphia police department is
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public's help locating a missing 16 year old girl, and her two month old baby. "eyewitness news" reporter alicia, is live at northwest detective, where news conference just wrapped up, so alicia, what have you learned? >> reporter: well, jim, we've learned that authorities are highly concerned about this 16 year old mom and her two month old child that are missing, they've been missing for about three weeks now, and authorities say they really have no leads on where the two could be. police just what happened up this news conference hoping to heighten up the chances and speed up the process of finding where that teen mom is and where her child is. again they've been missing for about 20 days now. we're told that northwest detectives have every available investigator out there looking for the mom, and her child, and at this point, all they really know is 16 year old jam eye a green, and two month old emelia green, seeing a photo, last seen on july 4th along ridge avenue. they've been staying with children services and the teen had been ordered to stay at the group home there. the group home allowed the teen to leave for periods in the day and on july 4th, she had told them she was leaving with her daughter but never returned back, they don't
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suspect foul play at this point but they are focused on insuring this new newborn and her mother are okay. >> what i would say to her is that there are people out there that are concerned for her well-being, and if she is going through something, then this is not the way to do it justice appear with your two month old child. she needs to come in, turn herself in, and let everyone know that she is doing fine if a that was a message directly to the 16 year old mom if she happens to see this. but anyone who knows where that 16 year old mom is and her two month olds child they're asked to contact detective here at northwest detectives. reporting live in philadelphia , alicia, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." >> all right, thank you. here is hoping they dom home safely. turning to werth, the relief from the heatwave we've been waiting for is finally here, and i got to say it feels good meteorologist, matt peterson liver on the cbs-3 skydeck with a look at how long we can enjoy the cooler temperatures. >> we will be hopefully dealing with this cooler and lower humidity for, you know,
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the rest of the week, but unfortunately that's not going to be the case. we'll get it for couple every days, though, getting sunshine to break through the cloud cover already here this morning, at least the ends of the morning, now to the early afternoon. and that's going to be our theme for the rest of the day, is some sunshine breaking through the cloud cover. you see temperatures out there , not too bad. in the 70s for the most part, 73 in philly, 69 still in trenton, and even still in the lower 60s in mount pocono. we got the northwesterly wind taking over, that's why we're also looking at that lower humidity, because when we have the northwesterly flow, it usually means that we're bring ing in drier air. winds speeds only about five to 10 miles an hour. any time we again have the north to northwest winds direction, it is always some good news. we do have some clouds cover out there. you see storm scan3, shows no precipitation, though, however , couple of spotty showers, aren't completely ruled out as we go through the rest of the afternoon, see we will be up to 75 by about noontime. then we're going into the low
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50's -- low eight's, spotty showers continuing into the early evening, going to be nice on wednesday, however, showers and thunderstorms are back in the forecast as we get towards the ends of the week. talking about that when i come back inside. >> matt, see you soon, thank you. and this noon, we are learning more about the two people seen high atop the ben franklin bridge overnight. authorities say the two are quote urban photographers, had scaled the bridge towers to photograph. once they reached the top however they were too scared to go back down, officials safely helped them down, they were taken into police custody they'll be charged with criminal mischief, interference with transportation or causing or risking widespread injury or damage. and crews hope to have water restored by early this evening, after a water main break in philadelphia's fishtown section. the street was flooded at frankford avenue and thompson street overnight, that's where the water department said it had found 8-inch break, while properties have no water, others have water in their basements n addition to road closures the route five bus is detoured in it location. >> philadelphia police are investigating a shooting that
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critically injured a woman overnight in the fernrock section. police say officers found the 25 year old woman around 3:00 this morning, at broad and chew. she was shot in the hip and chest. officers returned the victim to nearby einstein medical center, where police say she underwent surgery. police are also asking the public's help in identifying a suspect they say installed skimming devices, at bang atm 's in folcroft, delaware county. take a look at this surveillance photos, they show a man using a skimming device. this was at the beneficial bank on the 1800 block of bellmawr drive. police say the device was put on the machine between july 1st and july 2nd, then again on july 8th and 9th. if you have any information, please contact police. we want to gave you a better idea of how skimmers work, and what to do, and look for to protect yourself. identity thieves attach skimmers not just to atm's but also gas pumps: you can usually pull it right off.
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try do that before access the atm or pump your gas. if you are worried about breaking the machine, officers say that's fearly impossible to do. >> certainly don't want to use like a tire iron, but you can go up and pull on t if you spends 25 minute at the atm installing it, the police will get called. thieves the thieves can get more use out of your cards if they have your pin number. that's why always cover the pad while typing even if nobody is around. >> eagles back at day two of training camp, hearing from quarterback carson wentz. >> lesley van arsdall live at the nova care complex, what went hopes the team will accomplish at this year's training camp. very interesting, leslie, hi,. >> hi, there, guys. yes, very confident carson wentz met with the media today he said essay poaching camp differently this season which understandable, now that he kind of has a feel for the way things work around here. let's go ahead and show you carson and some of the guys out here early this morning. now his reps are limited, on pitch count, so to speak, but
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he said just good to have some time with some of the younger guys, rest of the squad will be reporting tomorrow, the first full squad work out on thursday. the thinks he is' working on during camp, he said he's just trying to build chemistry and consistency, and he's so happy to be back, and get things started, but there is a much different feeling, in his second year, as the team's starting quarterback. >> the summer i was chomp at the bit to get back here. last summer just trying to breathe. it was a whirlwinds off season mentally i'm just in a way better place, i come in, and good, know the routine, for me mentally a lot better for sure >> well, coming up a little bit later we will hear more from carson, and about his relationship with nick foles. foles had very high prays forecaster on, that's coming up at 5:00 today. back to you in the studio, guys. >> all right, leslie, see you then, thank you. >> coming up on cbs-3 " eyewitness news" at noon, you may want to pay attention to
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what's next to you on your next subway ride. >> spider, yes, spied verse been spot at one septa station what we're hearing about the creepy crawlers and what septa is doing about it. >> and a tasty team up between taco bell and lyft. how the two companies are collaborating and keeping you well fed. that story is
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>> roaming around one every philadelphia's subway stations , have been spotted at the spring garden el station on the mark frankford line, commuters say they can be two, 3 inches big. the spiders have spun their web in and around light fixtures, and riders say the creatures can really sneak up on you. >> they're just really bad. i mean, if you're sitting here , and you're not paying attention, they'll be in your face before you know it. >> i was helping a septa guy, he was short, and i saw. >> isn't that generous of him? septa says an exterminator sprayed the station last week, and they also say employees have been cleaning light fixture where the spied verse been hanging out. good news there were no report of any spider bites. >> well, you may soon be able to pick up a quick bite to eat if you're getting a lyft somewhere. ride sharing app lyft will soon have a new mode, it is called taco mode. taco bell and lyft are teaming up to drive pass inning, get this, to the nearest taco bell for a taco before reaching their final destination, service will begin on service
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in or orange ankle county california. we always do these stories around lunchtime when i'm hungry. >> sign me up. well, still ahead on " eyewitness news," she brought her husband's ashes on a hike but her plans didn't go as things planned. >> she was stranded in a national park for six days with her dog. meisha? >> well, most people have someone in the public eye, they look up to for different reasons, but rarely get to meet them in person. in this today's love it, small gull in a small town had a dream come true courtesy of her idol. >> never too early to keep an eye on the weekends. it looks like it is going to be a great saturday and sunday , lots of sunshine with seasonable temperatures, comfortable conditions, we will be talking about saturday , sunday, and what you can spec for the rest of the work week, all
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>> seventy-one year old woman, incredible story, of survival, she and her chihuahua were stranded in washington's olympic national park for six days, until coast guard finally rescued them. they had to use a helicopter. she went to the park to scatter some of her husband's ashes. she said she survived the whole ordeal at finding shelter under two lotion, eating pine needle, berries, bugs, and drinking water from a nearby stream. throughout the entire ordeal, incredibly, she said, never gave up hope. >> i mean that's incredible. >> boy. >> you don't know what you're capable of doing until you're forced to do it. >> pretty awesome. >> absolutely. >> matthew? how is the weather out there? we've been inside all day again. >> i know, i just took a step outside, out on the skydeck, getting little bit warm. humidity still low. a lot of us woke up this morning, and we felt the cool temperatures, again, that humidity was lower, that's what really what we noticed when we stepped out the door,
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and still on the drier side of things, even here as we now move into the middle of our tuesday cloud cover in the day , misty showers from time to time, in general, most that far has moved out. but, stray spotty shower still possible. taking a look outside right now, this is down in rehoboth , on our neighborhood network, lot of folks down on the beach, here on our tuesday and i don't blame them. we will will have sunshine, down at the beach, already seeing some of those blue skies, little bit further to our south. and even if you're at the jersey shore today, still looks like it is going to be a pretty sun-filled afternoon. now, our weather headlines for today, going with again that afternoon sunshine, braking through the cloud cover from time to time. much lower humidity. we had dew point well up into the 70s, the last couple of afternoons, that's oppressive ly humid. looking for more along the lines of the lower 60s today. much more comfortable. then below normal temperatures for us today, and tomorrow, so cooler temperatures are going to be the name of the game to go along with that much more comfortable humidity.
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right now here are our temperatures sitting in the 70s, lots of us, we had the northwesterly wind, kind of taking over on the back side of our colds front, ushering in the drier and cooler air, it is still sits in the 60s, mount pocono, 64, which is, again, plenty of 70s, whim machining ton at seven, a millville already at 75, down in wildwood, at 75, 70 right now in trenton. here are the dew point again, much more comfortable range, lower to mid 60s, for lots of us. it does get little more humid head down toward the shore point. little more moisture down there. but still doesn't feel nearly as bad, even at the a.c. airport or down towards wildwood, ocean city than it did the last kim of days. lowest point mount pocono as you might expect sitting at zero six with dew points. storm scan3, not whole lot out there maybe fewer light spotty showers down towards the shore most of the precipitation even if it is reaching the grounds going to be very light, now, there is a chance for a little bit of spotty shower activity later this afternoons you can still see some precipitation there, off well to the north
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ate long the border of new york and pennsylvania. that will eventually tried to slide its way southwards, again maybe few light spotty showers, see them thereon future weather. by 6:00 in the whole lot going on. even through the overnight house tonight we dry out, into our wednesday, even though again future weather tries to paint in couple of spotty showers here or there to go along with mostly cloudy skies , i think tomorrow is dry too. to the phils, i know they're playing the astros, but will be 74 for the game time temperature, tonight, not too bad temperature wise, few spotty showers could still be seen. high temperature today, here in the city. 80 degrees with the lower humidity again much more comfortable for us, sticking out the seven day forecast it, will again be 80 degrees tomorrow. and then we start to get another system to work it way in, starting on thursday, see high of 85, maybe late day shower or isolated late day under this earl storm, friday unfortunately does look like it will be a wash out. guys, look at saturday, sunday , just enough time for the weekends looking great there, plenty of sunshine.
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>> all right, looking good, matt, thank you. appreciate t every time the olympics roll around really few athletes that stand out. >> last summer one of them was definately in the spotlight and she is the subject of today's love it. meisha? >> well, you guys, most kids, and some adult, dream about meeting their hero. but the odds that far happening probably pretty slim forehands full of lucky hopefuls, their dream became a reality. a line of promising gym that is cents, very eager to meet their idol, olympic competitor lori hernandez struts out the door of the williams gym that is innings center in arkansas recent lip, for two up and coming gym that is cents specially moving. a lot for her budding career, couldn't believe laurie came to their small town. julia watts fell in love with gymnasic test young age of 18 months olds, also in awe of the olympic gold medalist, before autographs, lori shared their story, her story of successes and with the
12:22 pm
families. >> she had to wait? all of this hard work will pay off. gets better at anything. just keep going, lori kept saying, you know, keep working keep going. >> keep going. she said meeting the olympian was truly inspirational. added it was true, her daughter and for all kids facing a dream of what hard work and dedication can ultimately get you. >> lori says she owes her success to keeping her confidence and that even when you feel scared or maybe want to quit, the key is to stay focused and get out there, no matter what. she still believes transfers to daily life, as well. >> good message there. >> yes, also nice when someone at the elite level goes to a small town just to share what their experience with local families, working so hard. >> that makes a true athlete, not just athleticism, but
12:23 pm
people who really want to give back. >> cannot agree more. great to see the idols who are giving the opportunity to give back to their future generations. like rahel said, really what it is about in the end. sends me your story ideas if you have out there on twitter or facebook. >> meisha, thank you. up next, one every these cubs is not like the others. >> that's because she was adopted from philadelphia. why she paid the oklahoma city zoo a long-term visit, that's coming
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>> coming up later today on " eyewitness news" at 5:00 would you implant a microchip in your bod if i your boss asked you to? my answer is no. well, i'll tell you about the crazy new technology that can take the planes of i.d. cards, to credit cards, but is your privacy at risk? that's ahead at 5:00. well, this morning a young tiger cub born at the philadelphia zoo woke up in oklahoma city with a new family. >> take a look. this is zoia born on july 10th , her mom rejected her then zoo keepers cared for the cubs themselves. but then they worried about her growing up without other tigers, so, the oklahoma city zoo offered to add her to litter of tiger cubs born recently, and she's clearly making her way at home. >> i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon, for meisha, matt, all of us here, thanks for joining us. >> always on line at the young and the restless is next. fios is not cable. we're a 100% fiber optic network.
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>> nick: hilary! where is she? hilary! >> hilary: hi, nick. >> nick: how dare you. >> hilary: excuse me? >> nick: don't play innocent with me. that footage of me and my dad, where'd you get it? >> hilary: oh, well, that's called good journalism. >> nick: oh, the hell it is. you shot it without us knowing, and then you used it to embarrass me and the rest of my family. you got a hell of a nerve. i'm gonna sue you and shut this place down. >> hilary: oh, now, that's a little harsh, don't you think? >> nick: my dad gave you an exclusive to shoot the event, not an exclusive to invade our privacy. you are shameless. >> hilary: shameless? [ scoffs ] i'm not the one who tried to


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